Glacier Tours

Hubbard Glacier Tour - (click link to view video)

The Hubbard Glacier, Disenchantment Bay, and Russell Fjord are as wonderful natural treasures as any. Guided tours are available with Yakutat Charter Boat Company's experienced skippers.

Traversing the iceberg-riddled waters en route to the glacier, is only the beginning. Standing safely onboard our heated vessels as the Hubbard calves off apartment-building-size pieces of ice is one of this world's most awesome experiences.

Along the way, bear, moose, deer, sea otters, killer whales and many nesting seabirds are often seen. Huge fault lines along the West Coast are seen, and a little about the natural history of this dynamic region is explained.

These tours are a great way to spend time while waiting for one of Yakutat's twice daily jets. Tours are 4-5 hours long, and starting and ending times can be tailored to your schedule.

Rates for Hubbard Glacier tour

$200 per person (four-person minimum).

* Other charter transportation services to the glacier including filming crew, science / research needs, etc. are available. Please call for more details and to discuss your special needs.