Vacuum Packing

Your fishing buddies have finally convinced you to go to Yakutat. They said, "Go with the best, The Yakutat Charter Boat Company!" Your expectations of a truly great sportfishing trip have come true. Now, it's time to take care of the catch. Vacuum pack - it's affordable, fast, and it's simply the best way to keep your fish from freezer burn.

Don't disappoint your friends and family by trying to cut corners with plastic wrap, Zip Lock bags, butcher paper, or off-the-shelf packaging machines. These inferior methods are responsible for hundreds of pounds of meat spoilage every year. With the volume of fish most folks go home with, the commercial grade machines and bags used by the Yakutat Charter Boat Company are an inexpensive way to ensure your catch lasts a good long time.

Your catch can be dropped off with us, or we can pick it up. After the packaging, we can deliver it to the freezer at your lodge or B&B, or you can pick it up yourself.

So don't waste a beautiful evening wrapping up fish when you can be experiencing a beautiful sunset.


$1.75 per pound; $1.90 per pound skinned
$15.60 for fish boxes